What is a Tragedy?

A teacher was trying to get his class to understand the concept of a tragedy. He asked the class "what is a tragedy?"

One student in the front said "you see 2 cars at the intersection, one runs a red light, there's a crash, and everyone dies. That's a tragedy."

The teacher says "No, that's an accident. Who can tell me what a tragedy is?"

Another student, this one on the second row, says "how about when there's a big storm out on the sea, and there are two huge ships, and they collide, and everyone on board dies?"

The teacher says "No, that would be a great loss. Doesn't anyone know what a tragedy is?"

Finally, a boy from the back row says "I know. Let's say that the President invites you to the White House but while you're meeting with him, an Al Quaeda assassin with a bomb blows you both up. That must be a tragedy."

"Very good, you're right. How did you figure out that was a tragedy?"

The boy shrugged his shoulders. "Well, it's not an accident, it's no great loss, so it must be a tragedy."

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