A Startling Proposition

The man at the bar, concentrating on his drink, turned to a woman just passing and said, "Pardon me, miss, do you happen to have the time?"

In a strident voice, she responded, "How dare you make such a proposition to me."

Well, that got his attention and he became uncomfortably aware that everone in the place was looking their way. He mumbled, "I'm sorry, I just asked what time it was.."

In an even louder voice, the woman shouted, "I'll call the police if you don't leave me alone!

The guy was really embarrassed, and he grabbed his drink and slinked to the far end of the room and hunched down over the man hastened to the far end of the room and huddled at a table. He figured he'd wait 10 minutes and then sneak out the door.

In only a couple of minutes, though, the same woman joined him. She said quietly, "I'm sorry for embarrassing you, but I'm a psychology student, and I'm writing a thesis on the reaction of people to sudden shocking statements. Can I get you a drink to make it up to you?"

The man stared at her. then he shouted, "You'll do all that for me all night for just $2?"

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