The Town Moron

It seems like every small town has its local resident who's not so bright. I remember visiting my roommate's hometown. We left a restaurant one night, and he saw Marty across the street. Come along, he told me, let me show you this. He went to Marty and held a dime and a nickel in his hand. "Hi Marty, I have a dime and a nickel here. Which would you rather have?"

You could see Marty think it over, and then he told my roommate, "I'll take the big one, please."

Later that weekend, I saw Marty again when my roommate wasn't around. I went up to him and said "Marty, it bothers me that the town treats you so mean and laughs at you. Don't you know that the dime is worth more than the nickel?"

"Well, sure, but if I chose the dime, they'd stop giving me nickels."

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