Assassinating the Dictator

Two men were standing in line for their daily bread ration. The line stretched down the street and around the corner. Finally, one of them couldn't take it any longer.

"Do you remember when we helped fight in the Civil War and we overthrew that corrupt scoundrel and killed him and his henchmen. And now, the General we supported has become our new dictator, and he's even worse than the last one. But I'll tell you, do you remember when he sent the army around to collect all the guns. I hid mine, and though it'll cost me my life, I'm going to go home, get it, and go shoot that lying weasel we have and the country will be better for it." And off he ran.

About an hour later, he slunk back into line.

His friend poked him with his elbow and whispered, "hey, what happened?"

"Hmph, you think this is a line!"

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