The Magical Brass Rat

A man visited a Pawn Shop and saw a very unique brass statue of a rat. It was listed for only $100, but as he was taking it to the cashier, the owner said "Just to let you know, there's no returns on that item."

The man thought that was a strange thing to say and asked what was up.

"It's cursed."

As the man left the shop, he noticed a couple of rats came around the corner and started following him. As he walked along, more and more rats appeared, and they all started chasing him. He began to run, and they nearly overcame him, but he reached the bridge over the river and threw the statue in the river. Into the river followed all of the rats, and they drowned.

When the shop owner saw the man back in his store he said "hey, I told you there aren't any returns on that statue."

"No," said the man, "I don't want to return it. I want to know if you have any brass lawyers."

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