Why KUHF Doesn't Deserve Our Support

Regarding a recent article about KRTS’s background and a related letter from KUHF, I’d like to clarify some items as seen by as ex-KUHF listener before this revisionist history obscures why some of us refuse to support KUHF and its sleazy past.

1) it appeared to us that KUHF switched from jazz to a classical format because they were dissatisfied with the fund-raising from the jazz community and expected the classical music community to be more lucrative.

2) it seemed that KUHF held a final fund-raising drive under the guise that they would play jazz and classical music, and then they abandoned jazz.

3) KUHF’s tried to offer a lame excuse for abandoning jazz: that more people were listening to its classical programming during the day then listened to jazz between 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM. Did KUHF believe that we were such morons that we wouldn’t see the idiocy behind those statistics (of course, having dealt enough with UofH administration, it’s possible that the KUHF staff truly believed that this was a mandate)?

4) KUHF did not donate their musical library to KTSU. They donated a portion of their library. A significant number of items “disappeared” (and reappeared in a used CD store on Lower Westheimer).

5) KUHF’s original statement for carrying classical music was that their charter was to provide music to Houston that was unattainable on other stations. However, a huge number of the pieces which KUHF used to play have never been heard on Houston radio since it changed format (those CDs were the ones which never were given to KTSU).

6) Those of us who called or wrote to complain were ignored.

KUHF will never see any support from me again.

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