Blame Metro and Tom DeLay for Houston's Bad Traffic

It's easy to see why Houston has the 5th worst congestion: the blame rests with Metro and Tom DeLay. Who in their right mind would commute on Metro if they could help it? Of the four times I rode the Park and Ride this week, only one was uneventful. On one it was standing room only again, which is scary while the bus goes 70 (you can read the speedometer when you're standing up front) in the HOV and you know that if there's a wreck, you're dead - no way around it. On the other two days, I waited 21 and 33 minutes, and this is for a route that's scheduled to stop every six minutes. And one of those days, it meant that I missed most of my son's playoff game. Sure, Metro has an online complaint form for problems like these, and they even call back and politely apologize and say that they're aware of the problem; but even after two months, the same problems are here.

The most reliable part of Metro is the train, which leads to Tom DeLay -- or would if he weren't using whatever tricks he knows to block it. A highway contractor must've given his family a European vacation, because I can't imagine any other reason for him to thwart plans to help his own constituents get downtown. Whenever I really count on Metro, they let me down. Thanks Metro. Congressman DeLay, let us know when you're ready to help the problem instead of pouting about someone else's solution without proposing your own. Double thanks to you, Tom.

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