Why CD Sales Are Declining

I'm tired of newspapers and magazines blindly repeating the RIAA's (record industry's) propaganda that declining CD sales are due to file sharing. Interviews and reports I've seen even suggest that file swappers purchase more music than others because of their exposure to music that you won't find on the Clear Channel clone stations. But it's not as if there aren't enough other suspects behind the sales drop. Could it be that CD prices have reached the price of a DVD? Could it be that the next version of artists copying older acts is getting stale? Could it be that the industry likes to promote artists who look attractive but may have more marketing talent than musical talent? Could it be that unless you listen to the independent internet radio stations (that the RIAA is trying to shut down) or do file swapping, you'll only hear the artists that the industry wants you to buy instead of discovering artists whose CDs you would like to buy? Could it be that many people are tired of paying for 10 songs on a CD when there are only 2-3 that they like and will listen to? Could it be that the industry has begun selling CDs that won't play on all devices? Maybe some of those reasons are the true Explanation behind the CD sales drop.

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