Our first dinner --
Your explosion baptizes me in youthful waves.
I get older every year, but
Now I get younger every day!
I know you:
   a smile teasing and inviting.
   an attitude electrifying and attracting.
Walls guard your emotions --
My feelings are prisoners outside.

Blow me away, then Blow me off.
I grow older again.
Sometimes I still remember you ...
   I see a vette
   I pass Kroger's
   I drive the Neon Curve.
Sometimes I still miss you.
Sometimes I still need to hold you.

I wrote you off seven months before
        you looked for me again.
You appeared in my parking lot.
No regal trumpets.
No flashy car.
No drop-dead outfit.
Just you, the way I'd always known you.

Are you looking for what you lost?
Or remembering why you threw it away?

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