Made me youthful
  Relentless energy spills from your nearness
Made me grown-up
  I tremble every time you smile at me
Made me exciting
  A sports car leading another through times
Made me accepted
  Visions speak to me and laugh
Made me isolated
  Surrounded by everyone but you
Made me Safa
  New feelings demand new adjectives!


Wouldn't let me love you
  Or discover if I could
Wouldn't let me kiss you
  Scents of peppermint schnapps on your lips
Wouldn't let me hold you
  What cold compassions filled your arms
Wouldn't let me touch you
  Your hands looked warm, mine sounded empty
Wouldn't let me phone you
  Still, you kept calling me a friend
Wouldn't ever leave me
  ("Without saying good-bye.")

But you lied.

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