Who Started the Myth that Christianity Starts Wars?

I saw this quote on another blog today: "in fact, most wars and hate have been created throughout time by Christianity." It seems like I've been seeing this repeated a lot in the last year, and I often hear the quote attributed to Elton John (though I haven't found this quote associated with him on Google).

I call it a myth, because it's difficult to find support for the statement. Certainly, leaders have used religion to incite people to fight in a war, but what wars have been fought because of Christianity? This isn't trying to be a complete list of all wars, but it's the ones I can think of as I sit and type this evening.

Okay enough with all of the regional wars that I don't remember much about anyway. Let's hit the better-known ones (to Americans) that are mostly in Europe, since that's where Christianity would be on trial.

So overall, I'd say that most wars are started as a method to secure fortune and land and influence. Christianity as a source for war is barely a blip. In fact, I'll leave this as an exercise to the reader, but when you think of the tenets of Christianity and all of the powerful people who have been influenced by it, Christianity has had an overall positive effect on the world (especially considering the greedy, selfish, and hateful state that seems to be mankind's nature and which is opposite what Christianity promotes). Gotta wonder how many wars have been averted because a ruler was acting like a Christian.

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